You may download and complete all of the forms below and bring all completed forms to your initial appointment. If you have any questions regarding any of the forms, you may ask your provider at your appointment. 

Policies and Procedures (Print, review, initial and sign all forms)

 Informed Consent   (Review all pages, print last page only and sign last page)

Parent/Legal Guardian Consent (Review, print and sign applicable forms; must only be completed for adolescent patients ages 16 & 17)

HIPAA Privacy Rule (Review all pages, do not need to print form)

 Notice of Privacy Practices (Review all pages, do not need to print form)  

HIPAA Privacy Rule and Notice of Privacy Practices Signature Page (Print and sign form)

New Patient Registration Form (Print and complete all forms)

Medical History Form (Print and complete all forms) 

Release Form (Print two forms: Complete one for Primary Care Physician and complete one for therapist)