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Kelly has over 15 years of experience as a mental health counselor and expressive arts therapist.  Before working at the Psychiatric Wellness Center, Kelly was a psychotherapist at a Residential Group home in Massachusetts for teenage girls and is experienced at running DBT, CBT and art therapy groups.  Prior to that, Kelly was an In-Home Family therapist for many years. Kelly has experience with psychiatric settings such as Tewksbury State Hospital, Harbor Homes and Health Education Services. Kelly has a wealth of experience working with high risk populations, teenagers and developmental psychology, counseling clients with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance abuse.  Kelly‚Äôs background enables her to be an extremely effective social worker who is comfortable counseling diverse groups of people.
Kelly is committed to helping people overcome mental health issues, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, grief, addictions to alcohol and drugs, eating disorders, financial and relational issues and other stresses that affect many of us at some time in our lives. Kelly works cooperatively with my clients in clarifying their goals for treatment and believe that healing is a collaborative endeavor which involves hard work of both therapist and client. Kelly draws from a variety of methods to create a tailored approach for each individual and situation and considers herself to be well versed in intermodal expressive arts therapy.  As a therapist, Kelly is warm, open, encouraging, and direct. Kelly considers herself an active therapist, combining experience, education, creativity, and sense of humor with a down-to-earth, realistic approach to counseling.