Established Patients: Schedule/Reschedule

In order to schedule or reschedule an appointment with our providers either call 603-714-9646 , email or follow these steps:

 1) Please click on your provider's link below.

2) Choose your preferred time.
(If you normally see your provider for a half hour choose a half hour time slot or if you see your provider for an hour slot, please choose an hour time slot.  For example if you would like 2pm-3pm please request 2pm and 2:30pm. Otherwise you will only request a half hour slot and your request will be rescheduled for a different time.)

3) You will need to receive a confirmation email from to confirm your requested time. 

4) All policies pertaining to late cancel, tardiness and 2 business day cancellation apply to appointments requested online.  

5) You are all set for your appointment!

You may access this site to schedule 24/7. This site is not meant to replace any emergency or urgent care. If you are in crisis please call the local crisis team at 603-668-4111 or go to the Emergency room. Please note that while we do our best to see all patients we can not always accommodate same day appointments. If you request a same day appointment your request may not be guaranteed. We ask that you request appointments 24 hours in advance. 

To cancel your appointment click here.


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To schedule with Amanda Sadat, PMHNP-BC, please click here. 


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To schedule with Meredith Hogarty, PMHNP-BC, please click here.