Medication Management 

 Both of our prescribers are board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners. We offer 30 minute medication management sessions following your intake appointment.  Intake appointments are one hour. Frequency of appointments is determined by your provider based on your needs. 

We are happy to offer pharmacogenetic testing to analyze how your genes affect the way that your body may respond to FDA approved medicines commonly prescribed for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other behavioral health conditions. The genetic test can help your provider choose medications and doses that are best suited to your conditions and genetic make up.  Studies indicate that medications that align well with your genes may work better with few side effects.  If you are interested in having this genetic test performed, please let us know during your phone intake. 



We are now offering psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults including individual, couples and family sessions.

We are able to provide consultation to primary care providers. If you are a primary care provider, to make a referral please click here. 

If you are a patient asking for a second opinion, you will be required to bring your psychiatric records to you initial appointment. The consult may take more than one session so that the provider can have a full understanding of your treatment needs.